IOP and Day Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

When problems with substances spin out of control you may need more help. This is where higher levels of treatment come in to play. Options include hospitalization or residential treatments, which can sometimes last months. In some cases, there other alternatives though. Alarus offers intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), which lasts12 hours per week and Day Treatment, which lasts 16 hours per week. These programs that are offered at our site in and outpatient setting where you can still maintain your current living situations and may even be able to continue working during your treatment.

Clients that attend these programs tend to do well because they have more support to help them achieve their goals of abstinence from substances. One of the advantages of attending our IOP or Day Treatment programs is that our clients can maintain their normal lives and responsibilities but still get this higher level of Treatment they need. What’s more is most health insurances cover IOP and Day Treatment services and Alarus is in most health insurance networks.

Conversely, when a person leaves a residential or hospitalization setting, they still need treatment at the proper level. That’s where our IOP and Day Treatment programs fit in. We give you the support you need to get your life back but still give you the level of care you need and tools to succeed. When you complete your IOP or Day Treatment program we step you down to and outpatient setting, which is much less treatment per week with the eventual goal graduating you from our programs completely. Alarus sees you as more than a person with substance issues, we look at your whole life and how your problem affects your emotions, your development, how it affects you physically, psychologically, and also how this affects your family, social situation and your career.

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