Mental Health Counseling

Alarus counselors believe in meeting clients where they are to help facilitate change. Whether someone is dealing with severe and persistent mental illness, stress, depression, anxiety, child and adolescent problems, relationship, marital or family problems our clinicians believe in helping the client to find his or her way without judging them. Alarus’ counselors provide therapy and support for individuals and families trying to adapt to the changes life brings. Our counselors helps the majority of individuals and families set goals, establish behaviors required to meet those goals, and we monitor the sequence of behaviors that lead to successful goal attainment. Goal setting and revising is a part of everyone’s life, and sometimes the path one takes gets derailed, either in a career or in a relationship, due to a number of circumstances often beyond anyone’s control.

Those seeking the expertise of mental health counselors might simply feel overwhelmed with stressful jobs, jobs that often require individuals to spread themselves between work and family responsibilities. Family responsibilities also cause insurmountable stress, especially those trying to raise children and care for their elderly parents at the same time.

Some clients are dealing with chronic pain, which can make life extremely hard to cope with. Many times chronic pain also leads to our clients having to take multiple pain medications, which can also lead to substance dependence. Currently it is estimated that over 50 million Americans in the U.S. suffers at an alarmingly high rate from chronic pain. Alarus’ mental health counselors help individuals learn to live and cope with chronic pain, discover ways to find happiness in their lives and to cope and deal with any substance dependence that may come with pain medication.

Many of our clinicians are experts substance abuse and addictions. We find that by meeting our clients where they are we often discover co-occuring mental health and substance abuse problems. Alarus believes in treating a client’s mental health issues as well as their substance problems as many times these issues are intertwined.

Basically, Alarus’ mental health counselors help our clients struggling through any type of difficulty. By simply listening and supporting our clients with the process of psychotherapy, our clients receive invaluable help. By offering a caring, sensitive person not directly related to a person provides fresh opinions and objective, and informed feedback. Alarus’ clinicians truly help people find peace and happier lives.

From teens struggling with self-image issues, to those with anger management issues, to those who have recurring thoughts of suicide, Alarus’ mental health counselors employ psychotherapy and other interventions to help and treat individuals from all age groups.

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